The Important Questions To Ask When Hiring A Home Renovation Contractor

hiring a home renovation contractor

Hiring a contractor can be stressful if you’ve never done it before. You want this job to turn out perfect but you also want to make sure that you don’t get burned and that you don’t end up costing an arm and a leg for a mediocre done job. So, let’s go over some vital questions that you should be asking your contractor before you hire them. These questions apply to every single contractor out there for home renovation, whether the job is small or large.

Services like Craigslist and other sites where people can review other services have always existed but when you find out what a contractor’s previous work is, it’s worth contacting those people that hired the contractor to ask these important questions.

Ask what kind of work they did for the client. Was it some simple construction, was it an entire room, etc? What you’re looking for here, is to find someone who’s had work done by this contractor that relates to your project so you know you’ll be in good hands.

Ask if they had ever previously hired this contractor before. Have they ever done any work prior for them before? Obviously, if they’ve hired them more than once, then the contractor has to be good, right? Not necessarily, but it’s always a good sign when someone is hired by the same person twice.

Ask if the client was satisfied with the work the contractor did. Did they feel the job was done well and they got what they paid for?

Was the contractor great with communication? Did they communicate to the client well not only before during and after the project?

Did the contractor make sure to clean up after themselves? Did they leave a huge mess for the client to clean up and did they damage any property during the procedure?

When the contractor set times for appointments and working times, did they show up on time or were they always late? If they were late, did they ever give any kind of timeframe, notification or reasoning for why they would be late or did they just randomly show up late?

Was their any problems at all with the work they were hired to do? Is there any complaints and if there were any problems, did the contractor make sure to address them in a quick manner?

Was the pricing that the contractor offered fair? Was it a competitive price that they felt was right what they were looking for?

Would the client use that contractor again for the same or any other type of related project?

Does the client feel comfortable referring the contractor to others?

Here’s what you should do before hiring a contractor and asking all of these questions to previous clients of the contractor. You should create a spreadsheet with all of these questions with all the different contractors you’re interviewing for.